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We have been in operation since 1962, trading as Elma Works and are now called Elma Engineering Services. We seek to excel in the field of engineering and to offer the highest levels of services. We have set goals that we hope we will accomplish in years to come.

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We have gained a reputation as being a company that caters for many engineering needs in different sectors of society and our ability to provide the best components and services at affordable prices has increased our customer base, whilst keeping our major clients happy. The dedicated staff at Elma ensures that the company is able accomplish it's projects in time. The senior management team which comprises of many experienced personnel makes sure that the company is being run professionally.
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Sugar Dryer                                                  Diffusersugar dryer     Diffuser
Sugar Dryer manufactured from stainless steel 304L and trial assembled in our workshop including ducting, Elma has an enviable capability manufacturing different products in Stainless Steel. The Diffuser was manufactured and trilal assembled at our Elma workshops and constructed on site. It was manufactured from 3CR12 stainless steel and 300WA mild steel among other materials.